CE Quality Assurance
Quality doesn't happen by accident

We provide customer focused assistance on the Client’s Quality Assurance Strategy, aiming to assist in finding and developing the most suitable processes and controls, relevant to the Client’s business model, in a very cost efficient way.

Quality Assurance is the backbone for all successful businesses in all sectors.

All efficient and growing companies rely on the application of effective processes to provide their customers with an end product that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations.

   Quality Assurance Systems bring all of the pieces of the jigsaw together.

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Most successful organisations find benefit by building their operation on a formally documented Quality Management System. The most universally accepted standard for this is ISO 9001:2008, which can support all kinds of enterprises from a multi-national to a small business, local authority to government department.

Having your company registered to this internationally recognised standard demonstrates your commitment to developing your company in a controlled manner with improvements being measurable and demonstrable.


We can provide your company with:-

We will encourage your staff to be involved in the process to develop 'ownership', and an ongoing commitment.

The mission of CE Quality Assurance is to provide a QA service to smaller companies that would find the cost of having a full time Quality Manager prohibitive.

CE Quality Assurance is consultancy based enabling contracts of one off projects or regular interventions to be carried out. This approach provides a flexible and very cost effective method of working.


Being Listed in the North East England Service Provider Register enables us to assist in gaining grant funding for a major part of the work we do, quickly and effectively.


As the 'height of the bar' in relation to Quality Assurance is always being moved up, this approach not only allows your company to keep up with the competition but can give you the competitive edge to enable your share of the market to grow.


CEQA is listed on the North East England Service Provider Register