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Typical projects that can benefit from short-term Project Management include:


·        Design and development of new processes

·        R+D projects

·        Introduction of training or re-training programmes

·        Quality Management improvement programmes

·        Supplier Development programmes.


Or for any other role you can think of, please contact us to discuss

The short-term Project Manager could be appointed to establish a programme and get things started with an aim to train up a member of the client's staff to later take over as Project Manager.

We have the skills in house to provide a short term Project Manager to oversee the development of a new product or the development of your premises. The use of our short -term contract takes away the expense of employing a full time staff member and having to re-deploy them after the project is completed.


Contact me by telephone 07872 470309

or E-mail colin.embleton@cequalityassurance.co.uk

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