CE Quality Assurance
Quality doesn't happen by accident

All forms of internal auditing are undertaken with audits involving employees from all backgrounds from Senior Managers to Shop Floor Workers. The audits are used to deliver training in the processes being audited directly to those who have to use them as well as identifying weaknesses to feed into the continual improvement plan.


Audits undertaken:-


We can also develop bespoke training courses to the client's requirements ranging from on the job mentoring to full day quality risk management training.


Training courses can be presented in a number of ways from formal presentations to facilitated workshops. They can include practical exercises and small group discussions.

"Even in the best of environments if people know that their work is not subject to audit, details will be missed or 'deferred till later' .......  and then not done at all."

With continual improvement at the root of the management system, process based internal auditing becomes the ‘trunk’ that allows the branches (processes) and fruit (products) to develop.


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