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Testimonial on behalf of Mr Colin Embleton


Colin was employed by VolkerStevin Ltd (formerly Harbour & General Works Ltd) from July 1990 to February 2010.


As a Senior Engineer, and subsequently as a Project Manager, Colin supervised construction operations on Tyneside and Teesside, and in North Yorkshire and North Lancashire.  His experience covers a broad spectrum of civil engineering, such as river and coastal flood defence works, harbour works, land remediation works, building works, and water/wastewater treatment process facilities.


In 2003, Colin was redeployed in a Company-wide role as a Business Systems Co-ordinator, and subsequently Quality Manager, reporting to the Business Improvement Manager.


Duties included contributing to the following:

·         Development, implementation and maintenance of documented business procedures covering management of quality, environment, and health and safety issues

·         Development, implementation and monitoring of key performance indicators covering aspects of business delivery, process, efficiency and stakeholder management

·         Internal quality auditing in both site and office environments, and liaison with Certification body representatives

·         Aspects of supply chain management, including supplier and sub-contractor assessment, on and off-site inspection in the UK and Netherlands, and expediting activity on a project-specific basis

·         Research associated with problem solving in aspects of materials and workmanship, particularly concrete

·         Development and delivery of training modules to both new starters (induction) and experienced staff on topics of quality control and enhancement


Colin has a high level of IT ability in software applications, effectively demonstrated when preparing reports, managing documents, data processing, storage and retrieval, and preparing training presentations.


I have no hesitation in recommending Colin to you as an approachable, self-motivated and experienced civil engineer, with capability to deliver a high level of service and support to satisfy your needs.



David Wolfendale



Business Improvement Manager

VolkerStevin Ltd

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