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On behalf of the Institute of Quarrying, North of England Branch ............. "It is not always easy to find good and interesting speakers but your presentation was excellent and I am sure that those present enjoyed the experience."



Institution of Civil Engineers, Lecture on Middlehaven Dock Reclamation

"Your enthusiasm for the project and your commitment to the new issues of sustainability and partnering came over strongly. We need more lectures of this type, demonstrating that civil engineering is interesting, challenging, exciting and fun."



Belbin Character Assessment........

" ....The emphasis should fall on the quality of decision making. Here you have a natural advantage both in the care with which you consider all options and in your readiness to draw on the opinions and expertise of others if you think them relevant."


VolkerStevin internal training course evaluation -

Bespoke Course - Concrete on Site

"99% of participants (103) rated a higher level of understanding"

"93% felt the level of information received was suited to their position"

General comments:-

"An interesting and informative course, well delivered."

"Very good and an example of what we should be doing in the way of internal training on [VolkerStevin] procedures."


CEQA is listed on the North East England Service Provider Register